High School Dunker Shatters Backboard (Video)

High School Dunker Shatters BackboardSomebody call maintenance. Actually, someone call another school because someone just threw down a monster jam and completely destroyed the backboard.

I guess white men can jump, eh? At least this one can. His name is Nate VanArendonk and he plays for Grand Haven High School in Michigan. Maybe he should change his name to Nate CanSlammaDunk. Unfortunately for most high schools, they can just roll out another stanchion and get the game going again. They had to make a few calls and finally move the game to a nearby high school. When they finally resumed play over an hour later, VanArendonk completed his three-point play to give Grand Haven a 6-point lead. They would go on to win 39-36, and VanArendonk will go down in Michigan high school basketball history. I’m told Michael Moore will soon begin filming a documentary on the whole episode. He’s running out of juicy topics.

You almost need to have quads like this to get up and jam like that. Some people need trampolines to shatter a backboard like that. So kudos to you, Nate VanSlammaDunk.

Hat Tip Video – [WithLeather]

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