Autistic Teen Still Has A Perfect NCAA March Madness Bracket

After the opening weekend of the NCAA March Madness tournament, it is time to start comparing your bracket with friends, family members, co-workers, and the like.  So did you happen to have Northern Iowa taking out the Kansas Jayhawks, or Ohio University defeating Georgetown?  How about the Ivy league’s Cornell knocking off both Temple and Wisconsin to reach the sweet-sixteen?

Just getting one of the aforementioned correct is enough to be proud of, but how about getting them all right, along with every other game thus far in the tournament?  It is not something that many people can lay claim to, but there is one special someone who can.

With all the upsets thus far in the tournament, many brackets have become absolute busts, but there is still one that remains perfect, and it belongs to 17-year-old Alex Hermann.  Currently living in the Chicago area, Hermann, who is autistic, signed up for’s bracket challenge, and it the only one left with a perfect bracket.  In fact, according to reports, he may be the only one in the world still flirting with perfection.

Apparently, he has studied all season for the tournament, and needless to say, it has worked out perfectly.  Not even the President himself is capable of such a feat.  So how rare is Alex’s accomplishment? states that the chances of a perfect bracket through the first two rounds is one in 13,460,000, making it twice as hard as winning the lottery.

Unfortunately, the contest Alex entered does not offer cash rewards, something he could have already been reaping the benefits of.

As for the rest of his bracket, it includes Northern Iowa winning one more game, and Purdue eventually taking home the championship.  The chances of that seem slim, but it can’t be any less likely than what Alex has already accomplished.

Here is a look at his entire bracket.

autism bracketHat Tip – [NBC Chicago]

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