Goalie’s Cheap Shot Leaves Player Bloodied In SEL Playoff Action

norrena blockerIn the sport of hockey, we have gotten used to the fact that it will often be the goalies providing us with highlight reel saves, and the players providing the bone crushing (and sometimes dirty) hits on opposing players.  But in the Swedish Elite League, they prefer to do things different than their North American counterparts.  Well, at least Linkoping goaltender and former NHL’er, Fredrik Norrena does.

With only a few minutes remaining in their game, Jens Karlsson of Frolunda drove hard to the net and after receiving a slight nudge from a Linkoping defender, was headed directly for Norrena.  That was when the seemingly helpless goaltender stuck out his blocker and struck Karlsson directly in the face.

Goalies often use this move as an act of self defense, but in the case of Norrena, it appeared to be more of an assault than anything.  A bloodied Karlsson was helped off the ice and is expected to miss a significant amount of time with a concussion.  As for Norrena, he was ejected from the game and can likely expect to be dealt a suspension for his actions.

Here is a clip of the incident in its entirety.

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