Ibrahimovic’s Amazing Back Pass (Video)

Ibrahimovic's Amazing Back PassPlays like this can make all of the non-soccer lovers become fans. Check out the beauty and creativity of Ibrahimovic with this rather extraordinary means of getting his teammate a shot on goal.

Steve Nash doesn’t have anything on Ibrahimovic. Well, he might have him in the ‘making home movies’ department, since Nash did put together a pretty sweet version of Avatar with the Phoenix Suns.

But it’s too bad that Messi, the player that received the pass, couldn’t score on the play. It looked like he was a bit surprised by the pass, as were the defenders. The goalie kept his eye on the ball during the entire sequence and made a pretty tremendous save. But if he was really good, he would have caught it, put it on the turf and drilled it through the other net for a goal. That’s exactly what Dario Capogrosso did just a few weeks ago for CAI. Maybe that’s asking a bit much.

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