Lacrosse Brawl: Philadelphia Wings vs. Boston Blazers (Video)

Lacrosse Brawl Philadelphia Wings vs. Boston BlazersFor purposes of full disclosure, I don’t like lacrosse at all.  I think it all started when my little league baseball team lost our second best player to the makeshift sport and then the hatred was reinforced by my high school baseball coach.

But if fights like this happened often, though, I think I could see myself warming to it.  This past Saturday at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia a player from each the Boston Blazers and Philadelphia Wings threw down in fisticuffs, leading to an all-out brawl.  After a minute of watching their teammates do battle, it seems as if the rest of the players look to their opponent next to them, shrug, and join the action.  It’s just a shame the goalies didn’t cap it all off.

The camera work is shoddy, at best, but you get a good feel for how scintillating the fights really were. The sparse crowd is going nuts for the duration and even the sound coordinator at the stadium gets into it by playing some Can’t Stop My Heart by the Motley Crue.  If that song doesn’t get you jacked up to watch a royal rumble, then check your pulse, son.

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