Mindy McCready: Roger Clemens Is No Superman In The Sack

roger clemens mindy mccreadyRoger Clemens has struck out his fair share of batters on the baseball field during his playing career, but when it comes to sex, it appears as though he is the one doing most of the swinging and missing.  At least that is what one of his former mistresses, Mindy McCready will have you believing.

The country music star, who allegedly had an affair with Clemens, is set to have a sex tape released next month.  Although the partner she engaged in intercourse with during the video is not Clemens, she does talk about the former Cy Young Award winner, claiming that he “was good in bed” but also suffered at times from erectile dysfunction.  McCready also compared Clemens to her ex-fiance, Dean Cain (who you may know as Superman from the television series “Louis & Clark), stating that Cain’s love-making abilities were far superior.  Sounds like Clemens was not quite the same ace in bed as he was on the field.

Clemens met McCready when she was a 15-year-old singing karaoke at a bar in Ft. Myers, Florida.  The two spent the night together, however, Mindy claims that they did not have sex until a years later.  Sounds like McCready jumped on board after Clemens’ wood began to splinter.  Steroids will do that to a man’s member.  I guess a poor sex life is the price you pay sometimes for a Hall of Fame pitching career.

Hat Tip – [NY Daily News]

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