Picture Of The Day: Bird [email protected]#ker Jersey


What has our world come to?

Whereas back then, when you took your child to the nearest sports shop to purchase their first pro sports jersey, they opted for Michael Jordan’s No. 23, Wayne Gretzky’s No. 99, or Roberto Baggio’s No. 10, now they would rather have Bird F#$ker’s No. 07.

That’s right!  Bird F#$ker!  He Doesn’t even play on the damn team!

What were these parents thinking when they got their child this jersey?  Oh yeah, they weren’t.  And I am not the slightest bit surprised to see that they have also allowed their son to hang out of a moving vehicle.  Stay classy Bird F$%kers!

I’ve seen some pretty bad things on the back of Jerseys before, but this one is hard to beat.