The Greatest Basketball Shot That Didn’t Count? (Video)

flip murray buzzer beaterA buzzer-beating shot can be hard to come by in the NBA.  For one, it is tough to make the basket, especially when you consider the locations that most buzzer-beating shots are taken from.  And secondly, there is the clock.  Sure, when you watch the game on television you can always be aware of how much time is left, but when you are playing the game, and have a defender’s hand in your face the entire time, it can be hard to tell just how many seconds, or milliseconds, are remaining.

The Chicago Bulls’ Flip Murray is likely wishing he had a few more of those valuable seconds at the end of the third quarter last night.  That was the difference between him making one of the greatest shots in NBA history, and having such an accomplishment fade away into obscurity.  While we here at TPS will attempt to prevent the latter from happening, at least for one day, we can only sit and wonder what could have been had this shot counted.

Perhaps Murray’s Hail Mary heave will eventually get the recognition it deserves, even though it did not count for anything on the scoreboard.  After all, if we can show so much love for a LeBron James trick-shot made during warm-ups, then why not to the same for Flip?

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