When MMA Meets Cosplaying (Video)

mma cosplaySome people may be surprised with what they see during Yuichiro “Jienotsu” Nagashima’s ring entrances in this video.  I, for one, am not.  Nothing out of Japan seems to surprise me anymore.  After all, I feel as though I have seen it all when it comes to “the Land of the Rising Sun.”

However, that doesn’t make this pre-fight act of cosplay any less strange.  What kind of a guy walks down the aisle before an MMA fight wearing a dress and a bow on his head?  Is that supposed to intimidate his opponent?

I am going to assume that when it comes to imposing fear in the eyes of your enemy, this strategy doesn’t work all that well.  However, Yuichiro doesn’t need to intimidate with his ring entrance, seeing as how he did win the 2010 World Max Under 70kg Japan Tournament.  As for all the fighters he beat on the way to the title, they will have to live with the fact that they got their ass kicked by a guy in a dress.

Hat Tip – [The Slanch Report]

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