Denard Span Hits His Own Mom With A Foul Ball (Video)

Being the good son that he is, Denard Span thought it would be a great idea go get his mom some seats next to his team’s dugout for their pre-season game yesterday afternoon against the New York Yankees.  Yes, at that point he was likely on the top of his mother’s “people I love the most” list.  But then this happened…

As the video indicates, it was Span’s mother who would take the foul ball in the chest, knocking her down, but not out.  She would leave her seat, but eventually came back to watch the remainder of the game from the shade.  As for Span, after striking out on the next pitch, he would take himself out of the game, stating that he was having difficulty concentrating after what had happened.

Thankfully his mother would end up being alright, but Span may want to invest in a baseball glove for her if he is going to continue getting his family front row seats.  If he takes my advice, maybe next time she will make the highlights for an unbelievable grab.

Hat Tip – [Jersey Chaser]

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