KG on KD: Thought We Was Playin’ Michael F*cking Jordan Tonight

Thought We Was Playin Michael Fcking Jordan Tonight

When the Celtics played the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA finals a few years back, they needed the fans at the TD Banknorth Garden to remind Kobe Bryant that he was not Michael Jordan.

You can bet that last night during their game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Garnett was wishing the Boston fans had been doing the same and reminding the officials that Kevin Durant was not “His Airness” either.  Apparently, he was good enough to force the Celtic players to commit several fouls against him, which did not sit to well with Boston’s All-Star power forward.

And when the meida asked KG what he thought about the game, he simply responded by saying “I though we was playin’ Michael F*cking Jordan, the way he was getting the whistle.  I mean, Durant damn near shot more free throws than our entire team.”

For the record, Durant had 15 free throws, and made all of them, while the Celtics only had a total of 17 attempts, 13 of which were good.  Durant also hit 10 of his 20 attempts from the field for a total of 37 points, and added 8 rebounds as well.  So as much as Garnett may have felt that the refs were treating Durant like Jordan, his team’s defense was also doing a good job at making the 21-year-old look a lot like the legendary No. 23.

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