The Stat Line of the Night – 3/31/10 – Kevin Durant

kevin durantKevin Durant almost made a grown man cry last night. Kevin Garnett was so distraught, he thought he was playing Michael F’ing Jordan as the Celts took on the Thunder in Boston. While Durantula is not MJ, he’s certainly on his way to being of the premiere players in the NBA.

KG was upset about all the free throw attempts that Durant had, but there is a simple explanation as to why Durant got all those. Celtics are old and slowing down. Durant is young and cat-quick. Simple. KG was also so mad because Durant was perfect from the foul line, nailing all 15 of his attempts.

On top of that, Durant was 10-20 from the floor and scored 37 for the night. He also pulled down 8 rebounds, handed out 2 assists and had a theft. He led the Thunder to a 109-104 victory in Boston. Impressive.

The Thunder are now 46-28 and they could possibly snag the #2 seed in the Western conference. Kevin Durant will be fun to watch in the playoffs, and he has The Stat Line of the Night for 3/31/10.

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