Islander Fan’s ‘Hockey Hole-In-One’ Earns Him A Car

michael mannThere was Mike Mann, standing at the blue line overlooking the 114-feet of ice that stood between himself and a brand new car.  All the Huntington, New York native needed to do was deliver the puck across that distance and through a five inch hole waiting in front of the opposite net.

I should also make it clear that this may sound a lot easier than it actually is, but when it was Mann’s turn to step up to the plate, he was able to make it look just as simple.

The Islander fan, and season ticket holder, just “gripped it and ripped it” and that seemed to work as his puck slid right through the target and earned him $30,000 towards a new car from NY Auto Giant as part of their Chuck-A-Puck charity fundraiser.

During eight selected games throughout the season, fans were given the opportunity to purchase soft orange pucks for a cheap price, with half of the money going to charity and the other half going to whoever could throw their puck the closest to the center ice dot during intermission.  The winner of each of the eight contests throughout the season was also given the opportunity to shoot for the $30,ooo at Saturday afternoon’s game against the Ottawa Senators.

Mann was one of those lucky eight, and after putting up with the Islanders for an entire season, he couldn’t have been more deserving of his brand new car.

So how would we describe Mann’s accomplishment?  When you consider the difficulty some NHLer’s have hitting the net from only a few feet away, I would say it is nothing short of amazing!

Hat Tip – [FanHouse]

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