Picture Of The Day: Ya Know Something Mean Gene…

Well ya know something Mean Gene

For today’s Picture of the Day, we decided to turn back the clock and kick it old school, WWE style!  And what better combo to represent such an approach than Hulk Hogan and “Mean” Gene Okerlund.  This may only be a picture, but it is almost as if we can tell exactly what the Hulkster is saying to all of his Hulkamaniacs.

“Well you know Mean Gene, I just want to tell all of my Hulkamaniacs out there to say their prayers and eat their vitamins…”

Unfortunately, Hogan has now taken his act from the sold out stadiums at Wrestlemania to the courtroom.  However, when it comes to his interviews, he may not show the same intensity, but the level of entertainment hasn’t suffered one bit.

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