Soccer Player Throws Water Bottle at a Fan (Video)

Soccer Player Throws Water Bottle at a FanWhen it comes to soccer, we have grown accustomed to seeing fans throw things at the players on the pitch.  Rarely do we witness the opposite occurring, however, yesterday in Hamburg, Germany, that was exactly what transpired.

Playing against a 10-man, bottom of the barrel Hannover 96 team, Hamburg came out sluggish and stayed that way throughout the entire 90 minutes, finishing with nothing more than a disappointing 0-0 draw.  It is tough to find a fan that will ever be pleased with watching their club play to a scoreless draw, and Hamburg is no exception.  Those in attendance made that very clear to the home side, but rather than just accept what many would describe as constructive criticism, Paolo Guerrero was about to show that he still had some fight left in him (even though he showed little on the field).

As he exited the pitch, one fan in particular caught his attention.  That was all Guerrero needed to set him off, and with a water bottle in his hand, he heaved it towards his target, hitting him square in the face.  I always thought that fans should be awarded the freedom to criticize players at will, but in Hamburg (much like in Colombia), such actions may not always come without consequences.  This guy learned that the hard way.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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