Jennifer Hudson’s ‘One Shining Moment’ (Video)

Jennifer Hudson’s ‘One Shining Moment’It was another amazing NCAA basketball tournament, capped off last night by one of the best final games in tourney history. The Dukies held off the Butler Bulldogs 61-59 for the the title. And while most of the planet seemingly can’t stand Duke, we all can enjoy the “One Shining Moment” tribute done at the end of every tourney. This year pop star and former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson sings it.

It would have been great to see Hayward’s last-second heave go through the hoop, but it was still an exciting game and tournament with many shining moments. Of course it isn’t all three-point swishes and power jams. There are always some not-shining moments throughout the season. Like maybe hitting a player in the groin twice. That’s super classy. Or young fans flipping the bird to all of the people at home watching on TV. Or players gruesomely breaking their leg in half while you try to eat a burger. But hey, all in all it was a great season!

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