Sox Mark Buehrle Already Has Play of the Year (Video)

Mark BuehrleWell that didn’t take very long. Apparently Mark Buehrle just needed to get to the top of the 5th inning in the Indians/White Sox opener to make the MLB play of the year.

That’s a pretty amazing play by Buehrle, a guy who has done it all in his career. He won a World Series with the Sox in 2005, threw a perfect game last year and another no-hitter in 2007. He’s also the only pitcher in World Series history to start and save consecutive games. He’s made All-Star teams and has hit a dinger, no small feat for an American League pitcher. Want more? He also holds the major league record for number of consecutive hitters retired with 45.

The play he made on opening day is just amazing, but there has already been another improbable play, albeit in spring training, when Denard Span hit his own mother with a foul ball. With all these amazing baseball feats, you can understand why some people will do almost anything for good tickets. Well, except that.

Click Here to watch the Vido – [MLB]

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