Tony Romo Sings With Steel Panther

Tony Romo Sings With Steel PantherTony Romo recently jumped on stage with Steel Panther to sing a cover version of Guns N’ Roses smash hit “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.

You know what the most amazing thing about this video is?  That he didn’t fumble the mic when it was handed off to him.  Hopefully Romo knows the Cowboys playbook better than he does the words to that song.  We all know what Jerry Jones thinks of Romo’s performance.  It’s nose-picking good. Nose-picking is considerably more fun than listening to Romo sing.  We also know how choked up Romo can get at times.

That was probably exciting for Romo, but maybe the Cowboys will bring T.O. back for one more season.  Now that would be exciting. Believe it or not, they need some more star power down in Big D.  And I’m not talking about big haired, heavy metal cover bands.  Of course The Boys did win the divisi0n last year so maybe they don’t need to add much.  Either way, the locker room will be better if Romo just talks and doesn’t sing.

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