Ahahahaha! Girl’s Epic Dunk Fail (Video)

Girls Epic Dunk Fail

Some of you will probably watch the first ten seconds of this video and say to yourself, “there is no way one of these girls will even come close to dunking that ball, unless there is a giant lurking somewhere in the background.”

That is when the unthinkable occurs.  No, not a fabulous two-handed throwdown.  Instead, one of the greatest failed dunks to ever take place.  Not an easy statement to make, but I do so with confidence.

I don’t know what these young females were thinking?  Couldn’t they have at least tried rehearsing this during a practice before attempting it in a game?  Had they done so, they likely would have realized that even with the extra boost, they still didn’t have the height, and therefore, could have avoided a rather disastrous face plant.

It is times like this that I thank god for YouTube.

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