BOOM…’The Office’ Body Check (GIF)

Office outings can be a good way to promote bonding between employees, but when those outings involve some sort of sports activity, they can also be a great way to dish out some punishment to those who have been slacking on the job, or undermining your authority.  For those who are familiar with the hit TV series The Office, it is no secret that Michael Scott runs a tight ship at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company branch in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and sometimes his tactics exemplify just that.

If there is one sport that knows a little something about payback, it is hockey.  You can often expect it to come in the form of a fight, but a good hard check can be equally effective.  Sure, Michael may have no authority over Toby within the office, but out on the ice there are no rules.  One thunderous blow against the boards should teach Toby who the real boss in Scranton is.

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