Dan Gadzuric’s 20 Second Shoe Tying Problem (Video)

Dan Gadzuric's 20 Second Shoe Tying ProblemPerhaps the Milwaukee Bucks could have used one of their timeouts, but who would have thought that it would take 20 seconds to tie one damn shoe?  Didn’t Dan Gadzuric learn how to do this in pre-school?  How hard can it be?

Build a tee pee
Come inside
Close it tight so we can hide
Over the mountain
And around we go
Here’s my arrow
And here’s my bow!

Did that take you 20 seconds to read?  It shouldn’t have!  And it shouldn’t have taken Gadzuric 20 seconds to perform either, but it did, and needless to say, Bucks coach Scott Skiles was not impressed.  You can’t blame Gadzuric for wanting to keep his shoe on his foot (especially after seeing what guys like Ron Artest will do if you don’t), but couldn’t he have waited till he team was on defense, like most selfish players?

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