Keith Ballard’s Own Goal Is Stranger Than You Think (Video)

Keith Ballard’s Own Goal Is Stranger Than You Think

An own goal can be a tough pill to swallow, no matter what sport it happens in.  Often they occur when a defender attempts to prevent the opposition from scoring, but in doing so, such efforts simply backfire as the net suddenly seems larger and situated in the exact area you were hoping it wouldn’t be.  Keith Ballard fell victim to such a play last night as his Florida Panthers were at home to take on the Ottawa Senators.

With the Panthers having just clawed their way back into the game after a goal by Shawn Matthias, the Sens came storming into their zone looking to regain their two goal lead.  Ballard was hoping to do anything  and everything possible to prevent that, so when the puck floated through the air across the front of the Panthers’ net, his attempt to swat it down was made with good intentions, but would result in a bad break.

Going up with his left hand, the momentum of Ballard’s swat directed the puck behind him and into his own net, leaving himself and the rest of his Panther teammates in disbelief.  You can even see him asking if the puck went off of him and into the net.  It sure did Keith.  It sure did.  And he didn’t even have the wind to blame.

I guess this pretty much sums up the season for the Florida Panthers.  In fact, you could even go so far as to say that this play pretty much sums up the franchise’s history.

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