Thirsty Wayne Rooney Caught In The Act (Video)

Thirsty Wayne Rooney Caught In The ActOut with an injury to a ligament in his ankle, Wayne Rooney has been forced to watch his Manchester United team from the stands, and that has not been easy.  During his time away from the pitch, he has witnessed his club fall to Bayern Munich in Champions League action before losing a crucial Premiere League game to Chelsea over the weekend.

No one likes to sit in the stands, especially when you are as valuable to your team as Wayne Rooney is to United.  So how does the English striker cope with his new role?  A little bit of alcohol should help do the trick.

During their game against Chelsea, cameras spotted Rooney sitting in the press box when a waiter entered with a pint of beer.  The glass was strategically placed beside the Premiership’s leading scorer, allowing him the opportunity to sneak some into a more discrete cup.  It was the perfect plan for him to wet his palate during the game, or at least it seemed to be until he realized the cameras had caught him in the act.

You can always count on the cameramen at soccer games to catch all the action taking place off the field, as well as on it.

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