Carmelo Anthony Naps On The Court (Video)

melo sleepingOn Tuesday night it was Dan Gadzuric taking 20 seconds to tie his damn shoe.  Not to be outdone, Carmelo Anthony decided that with 34 seconds left in the third quarter, it was the perfect time for him to take a nap in the Oklahoma City end of the court.  Haven’t these guys ever heard of waiting for a timeout?

Okay, so Melo may have you believe that he was knocked unconscious, although that is hard to believe when you consider the fact that little, if any, contact was made to his head.  Instead, it appeared as though Anthony was “playing possum,” as the commentators put it.

After getting called for a travel, Carmelo simply laid on the ground, likely expecting the officials would call a timeout and allow the training staff to check out the Nuggets all-star.  Instead, they allowed the play to carry on, and after the Thunder failed to score, the Nuggets were once again called for a travel, this time after a teammate had tripped over the fallen Anthony.

Replays show Melo’s head may have made contact with Kevin Durant’s stomach prior to his fall.  KD must have one hell of a six-pack to be knocking out guys like that (could he be the next poster boy for the Ab Rocket?).  To almost on one’s surprise, Anthony would eventually return to the game and lead his Nuggets to the 98-94 victory.  He later signed a contract with Universal Studios and is expected to begin his acting career immediately following the conclusion of this season.

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