Is MMA Gay? (Video)

mma gayI will not be the one to answer “yes” to this question (and risk having a naked Chuck Liddell waiting at my front doorstep tomorrow morning), but I do have a story that will somewhat explain my thoughts on the sexual orientation of MMA.

During my undergrad years in university, my school’s gym was offering some classes in yoga, spinning, and MMA training (okay, it may have been grappling, but isn’t that almost the same shit?).  Me and my buddy would visit the gym often and figured it was a good idea to try something different, so we enrolled in the MMA class, which was offering a free trial for the first day.

When I got there for this trial class, my buddy was already in there getting warmed up, but I would not be so lucky as I had accidentally grabbed another friend’s gym pass and was not allowed entrance into the facility (they actually wanted to ban me from the gym all together).  So I left thinking to myself, “what a disappointment, I really would have liked to give that MMA class a shot.”  This feeling of regret, however, would soon be long gone.

Following the class I met up with my buddy, who explained what he thought of the entire experience:

“Honestly Jamie, I was a good workout, but I think it is a little to gay for me.  There was a hot chick in there that I was hoping I would get teamed up with, but of course, the instructor took her.  Instead, I was teamed up with one of the many sweaty men, and we rolled around with each other for the next 60 minutes.  When it was all said and done, I didn’t know if I should shake his hand, or take him to diner.”

Needless to say, we never ended up joining that class.  I think I’ll stick to the sports that involve less male-on-male spooning and cuddling.  Just my opinion.

Hat Tip – [Ego TV]

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