Rachel Coudriet Is Tiger Woods’ Girl-Next-Door Mistress (Pics)

It appears as though Tiger Woods did not always have to travel very far to hook up with one of his many mistresses.  Instead, he had one waiting right next door.  I always thought that it was best to keep your dirty business as far away from home as possible, but I guess when the girl-next-door looks like Rachel Coudriet, that is easier said than done.

So what do we know about Rachel?  Well she is from Orlando, Florida, but went to school in Alabama (and according to her deleted Twitter page, she intends on following up her four years of undergrad with two more of grad school).  After looking through the pictures, it also appears as though she has gone through her fair share of boys, which gives her and Tiger at least one thing in common.

And oddly enough, included in the gallery is a picture of Rachel out on the golf course.  She seems to have good form with her drive.  Must have learned a little something during her private lessons with Eldrick.

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