David Wright’s Situation-al Workout

david wright and the situationLast season was a rough one for Mets’ third baseman David Wright, as he was sidelined for much of it after sustaining a concussion when he was hit in the head by a Matt Cain pitch.  Wright did return (albeit, with a giant spaceship-like helmet on his head), but he was never the same.

Now, with the Mets set to enter 2010 much healthier and ready to make a serious run for the post-season, Wright has been doing everything possible to get into tip-top shape, and as part of his new training regimen, he has adopted the help of none other than Jersey Shore’s “The Situation.”

Together they have created a “Situation-al” workout for the all-star in an effort to better prepare him for all facets of the game, including batting, sliding, and just plain looking good.

It looks like Vitamin Water has done it again.

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