Tiger Says: Tiger Woods, you suck! God dammit! (Video)

Tiger Woods, you suck God dammit

Tiger Woods vowed that when he returned to golf, he would treat the game with the utmost respect and would cut down on verbally displaying his frustration at times.  Well, in the third round of the Masters on Saturday, he got a little sloppy on the sixth hole.  After hitting his first shot on the par three he let himself know that he sucks by saying, “Tiger Woods, you suck.”  He followed that up by letting out a very Buddhist, “Goddamnit.”

I thought it was pretty funny the way he said to himself he sucked, but apparently many people around the sports world feel this was “pathetic” and “profane.”  If Tiger Woods wasn’t already under so much scrutiny, this would have passed by us as simply comedy, but because he’s already “that guy who cheated on his wife 15+ times” it’s just piling on at this point.  Sure, Woods probably should have kept his emotions in tact, but this is not a punishable crime and hardly something to get irate about.  Athletes have said much worse on live television, audibly and of the lip-read variety, that don’t hold a candle to “suck” and “damnit.”

I think these people who are blowing this out of proportion need to take a chapter out of ol’ Verne’s book, sit back, relax, puff your pipe, and exhale, “I don’t think he’s pleased.”

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