Houston Astros Blast Into The Past

houston astros blast offWhen it comes to theme-nights, no one does it better than Major League Baseball, and that should come as little surprise.  After all, when your regular season consists of 162 games, it can be tough to maintain the interest of fans, especially when your team is as bad as the Houston Astros.

So in a effort to make things interesting, it is safe to say that the Astros have succeeded.  Whether their “blast into the past” idea helped put more butts in the seats is up for debate, but I can assure you that it definitely caught the attention of the asses already present.

“The groundskeeping crew sported replicas of the space-age orange suits as well as the astronaut-like helmets donned by the crews then. The entertainment crew donned replicas of the Spacette uniforms worn by Astrodome ushers in 1965.” [Big League Stew]

Unfortunately, even a blast into the past could not help fans forget how bad the Astros currently are.  After losing the game to the Phillies, they fell to 0-5 on the season.  I’d hate to be the one to say it, but “Houston, we have a problem!”

Hat Tip – [Big League Stew]

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