Celtics Fans Go Gay For TV

Take some Celtics fans, add some alcohol, a luxury box suite, free food and a TV camera and what do you have? The perfect storm.

See, there is some real Freudian stuff going on in this video. There is a split-second reaction needed when you realize the camera is on you. So what happens is if you can’t quickly think of something really cool to do, you revert to your most natural behavior. For Celtics fans, this is obviously being gay with their buddies. We knew it all along, and now we have the video proof.

OK, chill out Bostonians. We’re just jerking your chain some. Which is probably what these guys were doing with each other after the game. At a gay bar. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. No really — just joking again. But why in the world would you pull that move on camera? Out of those two dudes, one of them called everyone he knew and told them to watch the replay of the game. The other guy went on vacation. Maybe permanently.

h/t: Barstool Sports

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