Ndamukong Suh Already NFL’s Hardest Hitter

Ndamukong Suh Already NFL’s Hardest Hitter

Ndamukong Suh may not have played his first down of NFL football, but he is already the league’s hardest hitter according to ESPN’s Sports Science.

This is a pretty cool show and the Ndamukong Suh segment is excellent. But there isn’t a person out there that watched this and didn’t burst out laughing when the host said, “Incredibly, over 20 yards, this 300-pounder is flat-out faster than Tony Romo.” I’m faster than Tony Romo. You’re faster than Tony Romo. This skateboard punk is faster than Tony Romo. Carmelo Anthony sleeping is faster than Tony Romo. So while the show is great, they might need a new writer.

They also don’t come right out and say that Suh is already the hardest hitter in the NFL, but his hit was harder than that of Ray Lewis. And when you hit harder than Ray Lewis, you are definitely The Man when it comes to big hitters.

But don’t get excited thinking your team has a shot at Suh. He’ll be going #2 overall, or maybe even #1 if the Rams sour on Sam Bradford.

Hat Tip Video – [UnathleticMag]

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