Shaq Has Gone Marbury Crazy (Video)

Shaq Has Gone Marbury CrazyEverybody knows that if you’ve been injured and haven’t worked for a while you start to get a bit crazy. Shaquille O’ Neal is hurt and hasn’t played for the Cavs since the end of February. So it only makes sense that he’s starting to lose it a bit.

So getting a bit goofy is understandable and even acceptable. But going Marbury-crazy? Didn’t think Shaq would ever go there. See, he doesn’t look like he’s clowning in this video. Sure, Shaq ends the vid with a little laugh that says, “Oh, haha, I’m just playin’, trying to be the funny Shaq”. But this is a cry for help people. Shaq needs some massive attention and needs it quick. Seriously, if we don’t do something about this quickly Shaq might go off and make another album! And we can’t have that. He’ll either do that or he’ll end up going out to mid-court to take a nap, or he’ll start taking off his clothes while play is going on. So send those tweets and fan letters to Shaq before he gets all the way to Loonytown.

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