Maryland Fan On Wrong End Of Police Brutality (Video)

maryland police brutalityF*%king Cops!  Much like lawyers, it is the profession that everyone seems to hate.  Sometimes I find myself asking why?  After all, their job is to protect us, isn’t it?  Sure, it may seem as though they can be a little too aggressive every now and then, although sometimes such actions are necessary in order to ensure the safety of our citizens.

But then there are those times when they simply step too far out of line, and the result can be ugly.  Unfortunately for this Maryland Terrapins fan, he had to find that out the hard way.

Following their upset victory over Duke last month, John McKenna decided to celebrate the win by skipping down the street, but it was not long before he came face to face with a couple of officers on horses.  Backing away as if he were looking to keep his distance from the bad breath of the four-legged beasts, McKenna was unexpectedly jumped by three officers in riot gear and beaten repeatedly, even after laying on the ground unconscious.

The sworn police statement claims that McKenna “struck those officers and their horses causing minor injuries,” but just one look at the video footage indicates that clearly was not the case.  Perhaps these cops were Duke fans, or maybe they smelled some bacon in John’s pocket.  Whatever the case was, it appears as though it will likely cost them their guns and badges.

Now what will they hide behind while inflicting such brutality?

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