Phillies’ “Fan On Wheels” Gets A Lap Dance (Video)

sonny lap danceLast year during the MLB playoffs we introduced you to Sonny Forriest Jr., the Phillies biggest supporter who can be heard singing to fans as he makes his way around the parking lot outside Citizens Bank Park on his mobile scooter.  Ever since he first appeared on the scene, Sonny has been providing the fans in Philadelphia with a great deal of entertainment.

So in true “Brotherly Love” spirit, this female Phillies fan decided to give a little something back by provided this brother with some good lovin’, and it looks as though she has a lot of lovin’ to go around.  I’m not sure if Sonny had much feeling below the waist prior to this grinding session, but if he did I would assume that she sucked it right out of him.

You have to love how Sonny keeps his composure and continues on with the singing as this chick puts an all-out assault on his groin.  Now that’s what I call “calm under pressure.”  The Phillies could have used some of that during last year’s World Series.

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