The Stat Line of the Night — 4/13/10 — Derrick Rose

derrick roseIt was a strange night for the Bulls.  While off-the-court distractions involving a physical fight between the coach and the vice president were on everyone’s mind, Chicago was able to go out on the court and get a must-win.  The reason they won was because of the combined effort of their backcourt.  Both Kirk Hinrich and Derrick Rose lit up the Celtics last night, but Rose was the man of the night.

Derrick Rose shot 15-22 and scored 39 points.  He went to the free throw line 10 times, hitting on 9 of them.  That is huge for a player some say does not take enough contact and shoot enough free throws.  He also had 7 assists, 5 rebounds, and 3 blocks while only turning over the ball twice.  The 39 points is a career high for the young point guard.  He did have help from his backcourt mate Hinrich who scored 30 points.  Joakim Noah also chipped in with 16 rebounds.

The Bulls are battling for the 8th seed in the East and it is going to come down to the last game of the season.  With the Bulls ahead of Toronto by 1 game, but Toronto holding the tiebreaker, we won’t know who Cleveland is playing in the first round until after the final game of the season.  There is one thing we do know though, and that is that Derrick Rose put up a filthy “Stat Line of the Night”.

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