Blackhawks Patrick Kane’s Playoff Mullet (Pic)

patrick kane playoff mullet

In hockey circles around the world, it is a sacred tradition for players to grow beards during their playoff run.  Sometimes those beards only last a few weeks, and sometimes they are given the opportunity to grow thick and strong for a few months, which generally implies that your team has made a long run towards the championship.

Then there are those who struggle to cultivate a few whiskers on their chin, even after a solid month of growth.  That was the case for Patrick Kane last year when his Chicago Blackhawks made it all the way to the Conference Finals before being eliminated by the Detroit Red Wings.  Three rounds later, and his playoff beard had barely sprouted beyond microscopic levels.

So to avoid the embarrassment of another shady teenage mustache, Kane has decided to opt for a playoff mullet, and may I be the first to say that is an excellent choice.  After all, it appeared to work out well for Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr during their glory days with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

lemieux jagr mullet

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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