Picture Of The Day – Fan Flips The Double Bird

Fan Flips The Double Bird

Your team had just finished the regular season in first place in the conference, and second place in the entire league.  They have the number one seed heading into the playoffs, and are set to take on the lowly number eight seed who finished 18 points behind them and has a bunch of kids with little, or no, playoff experience.

Your team has also made a name for themselves as perennial playoff chokers, but this year was supposed to be different.  It was supposed to be the year that they break out of that slide.  After all, they looked great all year, and they even added a f*&king All-Star this season.  Everyone is picking them to at least win the first round.  That shouldn’t be so hard, should it?

Well it was, once again, for the San Jose Sharks.  Another playoffs.  Another rough start, and possibly another early exit.  Is it really possible that the top seed in the West can lose two years in a row to the eighth seed?  This classy lady didn’t think so.

Maybe she was just trying to count the score.  Sorry woman, but it isn’t 1-1 anymore!

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