This Furry Streaker Has Some Moves

furry streakerWhether they are scoring goals on a soccer net, or climbing the field goal posts at a football game, streakers always seem to provide fans with a great deal of joy and entertainment.  This man in the furry costume was no exception.

Making his way onto the field during a Hong Kong Rugby Sevens match, the man in the brown bunny suit gave us a little of everything.  Standing on the goal posts, he sees his equally furry friend being captured by security, and realizes that it is now his time to shine.  Needless to say, that is exactly what he did.

It begins with a mad dash off the goal post towards the center of the field, where he performs a little dance number before seemingly surrendering to the approaching security guard.  However, he has merely saved his greatest move for this moment.  Down on his knees, he springs to his feet and outruns one guard before slashing and dashing between two more.  He would make it into the endzone and over the fence before finally being apprehended and taken away.

With moves like that, he may have earned himself a tryout with Hong Kong’s national rugby team, but he’ll have to lose the stupid suit.

Hat Tip – [With Leather]

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