Anything Is Possible (GIF)

This Child Proves anything is possible

When Kevin Garnett screamed out the words “Anything Is Possible” after winning the 2008 NBA Championship, the first thing I thought to myself is, “what the f*&k is this guys talking about?”  After all, it is not like his team was an underdog faced with a seemingly impossible challenge.  At the time, Boston had three all-stars (himself, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce), an up-and-coming star in Rajon Rondo, and a great supporting cast.  The Celtics were a favorite to take home the title, and if anything, their victory proves that not much is possible unless you are willing to spend the money on the proper personnel.

Then I saw this kid, and he renewed my faith in the possibility of miracles.  How else do you explain his ability to perform a skateboard kick-flip with the aid of two walking crutches?  Perhaps next time he will treat us to a “front-flip over ten flights of stairs and onto your skateboard jump.”

Okay, so that may seem a bit far fetched, but “anything is possible.”

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