F1 Car Loses Both Front Tires (Video)

F1 Car Loses Both Front TiresIt is not the scariest thing we have seen occur on a race track before, but when both tires exploded off the Toro Rosso car of F1 driver Sebastien Buemi, it was still quite the unusual scene.  Losing one tire is crazy enough, but when both simultaneously abandon your car as it screams down a straightaway at a scorching pace, that should be enough to scare even the most courageous of drivers.

Fortunately, Buemi was able to walk away from this accident unscathed, but his car was not so lucky.  Apparently, it was a defect in the suspension arm which lead to the collapse of the entire right front upright.  As a result, the wheel tethers snapped, sending the tires flying off the car and on their way down the track.

All of this for a practice run at the Chinese Grand Prix.  “Practice?  This guy almost got killed and we’re talking bout practice?”  Does that line ever get old?

Hat Tip – [Jalopnik]

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