Security Beats The Hell Out Of A Dodgers Fan

security fightIs it just me, or does it seem as though the people in our society who are supposed to be protecting us from violence and danger are the ones instigating these very same actions?  Perhaps we should really begin to reconsider just who we give a badge to nowadays.

Okay, so maybe this security guard had every right to deliver one of Hulk Hogan’s patented “Big Boots” followed by an overhand left to this Dodgers fan after being challenged to a fight by him, but doesn’t his job entail some sort of restraint when it comes to these situations?

This Dodgers fan was likely thinking to himself, “what is this security guard going to do, hit me with his flashlight?”  No sir!  He is going to drop you with a right kick and a left hook.  And if that didn’t already suck enough, now you are going to jail as well.  Good luck telling the other inmates you are in there for getting beat up by a guy with a whistle and a headset.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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