Live Strikeforce Broadcast Includes Post-Fight Cage Brawl (Video)

strikeforce brawlYou can often expect to witness an incredible knockout during an MMA bout, but on Saturday night fans were almost treated to one following the Strikeforce match between Jake Shields and Dan Henderson.

At the conclusion of Shields’ impressive victory over the former UFC champion, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, who had previously fought Shields back in November, entered the ring looking for a rematch.  What he got was a couple dozen kicks and punches to the head and body, courtesy of Shields’ supporters from the Gracie Camp.

Post-fight confrontations and challenges are nothing new.  Post-fight brawls, on the other hand, are not a common occurrence in MMA fighting, and what made this even more interesting was the fact that is was being televised before a live national audience on CBS.

In case you missed it, here it is.

For more info, footage and interviews following the brawl, check out our friends at The Big Lead.

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