Hockey Fight Turns In a Gruesome Leg-Break (Video)

Hockey Fight Turns In a Gruesome Leg-BreakWhat is this — MMA? Naw, just your average, everyday hockey brawl. Except that this one includes a gnarly leg break. Watch the player in the yellow jersey’s left leg. Keep your barf bag handy.

His name is Matt Stewart and he plays for the Green Bay Gamblers. I’ll go ahead and gamble that Stewart will be on crutches for quite a spell and probably won’t be playing Gambler hockey anytime soon.

Well at least his broken bone and torn ligaments weren’t in vain. Green Bay stomped the Indiana Ice 9-4 in that game. I think they had a huddle and said “let’s win one for Stewart!”. Well, probably not. They probably said, “Dude! Did you see Stewart’s leg? It looked like that soccer goalie who got his leg snapped! Awesome!!”

Those poor fans though. They go to a hockey game and a Florida Marlins game breaks out. But seriously, we hope for a speedy recovery for Matt Stewart. And more videos like this.

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