Johnny Boychuk Destoys Matt Ellis (Video)

Johnny Boychuk Destoys Matt EllisPlayoff hockey means scraggly, ugly playoff beards. It means amazing goals, amazing saves and brutal, bone-rattling hits.

For all you young skaters out there, learn a lesson from this play. If you’re going to skate with your head down you are going to get blasted and you will likely get hurt. Matt Ellis has his head down here for so long you start to wonder if he was looking for a lost contact or something. Johnny Boychuk sends him crumbling to the ice with a massive hit.

After he got nailed Ellis was at least able to get up but he had to leave the game and retreat to the locker room. Fortunately for him and the Buffalo Sabres, Ellis did return to the bench later on in the game. But Boychuk’s jarring hit got Boston going psycho.

The only thing more exciting than a huge hit like that is getting a little action in the stands while watching the game. A hit like that is pleasing for everyone, especially Baby Hulk Hogan.

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