Soccer Player Scores Goal, Gets Face Slapped

Goal celebration fail_20100420121217Gooooooalllllll!! Slapppppppp!! Apparently this soccer fan doesn’t care much for this Croatian team, nor is he a big fan of players jumping up into the stands.

The player that scored the goal is Tomislav Bosec of the Croatian league’s Inter Zapresic.  I believe that was also the name of a pretty dope track from the Beastie Boys some years back. No?  Well it was close.  Anyway, Bosec scores a goal and does the soccer version of “The Lambeau Leap”.  For his goal and celebration what does he get?  Five fingers to the face from some moronic fan. Totally not cool, but maybe it was payback for the fan that had the water bottle thrown at him recently.

Or maybe this fan thought that Bosec should have done a crappy spin move to try and score a goal. Maybe he had money on the game.  Whatever the case, he can suck it because Bosec and his goal were the deciding factor as Inter Zapresic beat NK Zadar 1-0. Have fun in jail, you loon.

Hat Tip Video – [WithLeather]

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