The Stat Line of the Night – 4/19/10 – LeBron James

LeBron JamesThe Bulls needed a victory to make this series with Cleveland competitive.  Their strategy? Try to keep LeBron James out of the paint and force him to shoot jump shots.  They forgot one thing though: James is an assassin.  He was more than happy to take jump shots all night long, knocking them down one after another en route to a 112-102 Cleveland Cavaliers victory.

LeBron James scored 40 points on 16-23 shooting on the night.  He also added 8 rebounds and 8 assists, just 2 shy on each of a triple-double.  He pretty much did it all last night.  He defended the ball extraordinarily well, blocking shots and causing havoc in general, and he was able to score at will.  He had some thunderous dunks and hit 6-6 free throws, but it was his jumper that sealed the deal.  The Bulls did not make it easy, keeping the game close well into the 4th quarter.  LeBron scored 15 of his 40 in the period though, helping put the Bulls away for good in the final few minutes.

LeBron James easily earns “The Stat Line of the Night” last night, but his eyes are on a much bigger prize.  He doesn’t just want this game or this series.  He wants a championship ring.  They are out to send a message in this first round that they won’t stop short of winning it all.  I think we got the message.

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