Fordham’s Kownacki Makes An Amazing Leap At The Plate

His name is Brian Kownacki and he very well may have provided us with one of the greatest plays at the plate ever.  Sure, most people will tell you that they prefer a good hard collision between a catcher and the runner, but this outstanding leap is sure to change the opinions of many.

Here is how the Fordham University website described the wild scene at Houlihan Park:

“It’s not often that one play would overshadow an incredible team effort comeback from a 9-1 deficit, but Fordham’s Brian Kownacki tried. His leap over Iona catcher James Beck to score on Chris Walker’s go-ahead hit in the bottom of the eighth inning highlighted a nine-run rally to give Fordham a 12-9 victory over the Iona College Gaels at Houlihan Park.” [Fordham U]

I am still trying to figure out what the Iona coaches and players were complaining about following the play.  Their catcher didn’t even come close to making the tag.  I guess when things aren’t going your way and a player on the opposing team has just made your catcher look like a chump, the only thing left to do is cry about it.

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