Jared Allen’s Night Out Almost Ends In A Brawl (Video)

jared allen bar rageWhen it comes to the life and times of Jared Allen, there is no simple answer to this enigma, but one thing that should never be questioned about the Vikings Pro Bowl defensive end is his intimidating toughness.  So when you are out on the town enjoying a few drinks with the boys, it is probably a good idea not to insult his woman.

One brave man did at a bar in the Phoenix area, and the result could nearly turned ugly, if not for the half-dozen people holding back an enraged Allen.

Luckily someone had their cell phone video camera rolling as the 2009 NFC sack leader shouted expletives in the direction of his targeted victim before being escorted out of the bar by some friends.  I’m not sure what the guy’s reaction was, but I am willing to bet that it included a dirty pair of boxers.

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