Alex Ovechkin Will Buy Your Tickets, Will Not Sign Your Flag (Video)

ovechkin autograph refusalWe gave you a reason earlier as to why Alex Ovechkin may now be public enemy number one in Montreal.  Well if that didn’t do the trick, then this certainly will.

Prior to Wednesday night’s game in Montreal, Ovi was spotted outside the Bell Center, along with teammates Alexander Semin and Semyon Varlamov, negotiating ticket prices with a scalper.  Unimpressed with the prices, you can hear the scalper ask him “How much do tickets go for in Washington?”

However, the best part comes when a pedestrian dressed in a suit approaches Ovi.  He asks the Caps sniper to sign a flag for his kids, but Ovechkin declines to sign the Canadian paraphernalia before bidding adieu to his audience and exiting the scene.

It should come as little surprise that he declined to sign a Canadian flag.  He wasn’t even willing to be photographed during his time in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympic Games.  Nonetheless, you can still expect Habs fans to voice their displeasure over the incident.  Canadians don’t take autograph refusals all that well.  We all saw what happened to the Jays’ Alex Rios last year.

Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to call a perennial 50-goal scorer “a bum,” or else this could have become even more interesting.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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