Flyers’ Laperriere Blocks Shot With His Face (Video)

laperriere face blockThe NHL playoffs are the most grueling post-season in all of professional sports.  It is a time when players must show their willingness to sacrifice their bodies for the greater good of the team, no matter what that entails.  Sometimes it involves having your body speared repeatedly by the sticks of five opposing players.  Other times it means getting in front of a 100 mph slap shot.

During last night’s game against the New Jersey Devils, Flyers’ forward Ian Laperriere provided us with a prime example of the latter, although next time he may want try getting his body in front of the shot, rather than his face.  With Philadelphia leading game five by a score of 3-0 early in the third, Laperriere was content with keeping it that way.  So when Devils’ defenseman Paul Martin was looking to get a shot from the point on net, Laperriere hit the deck in an attempt to block it, but took the hard clapper straight off his face.

The scene was a rather nasty one as blood streamed from the face of the Flyers’ tough guy.  The bad news is he had to leave the game and received 60-70 stitches for a nasty cut over his right eye.  As for the good news, the Flyers held on for the 3-0 victory, winning the best-of-seven series by a score of 4-1.

Unlike teammates Jeff Carter and Simon Gagne, who will miss much of the playoffs with foot injuries after blocking shots earlier in the series, Laperriere is expected to return in time for the beginning of the Flyers’ second round match-up.

Here is a look at the incident from last night’s game.

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